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ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, attracting, and selecting individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and passion to drive sustainable and responsible business practices within an organization. The Sustainify team have amassed a substantial network of candidates, cross-sector, who are well versed in sustainability principles, social impact, and corporate governance, and who can contribute to the organization's ESG goals and initiatives. Sustainify's recruitment process goes beyond and involves assessing candidates' understanding of ESG issues, their ability to integrate ESG considerations into decision-making processes, and their commitment to creating positive environmental and social impacts while ensuring strong governance practices. Our ESG recruitment arm aims to build a diverse and purpose-driven workforce that can effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability and responsible business practices.



A climate risk expert plays a crucial role in assessing and managing the potential risks and opportunities associated with climate change for businesses, organizations, and communities. Climate risk responsibilities include: Risk Assmessment Climate risk experts evaluate the potential impacts of climate change on various aspects of an organization, such as operations, supply chains, infrastructure, and financial performance. They analyze data, models, and scenarios to identify vulnerabilities and quantify the potential risks involved. Mitigation Strategies Based on their assessment, climate risk experts develop strategies to mitigate the identified risks. They work closely with stakeholders to design and implement climate change adaptation and resilience measures, which may include changes to infrastructure, processes, policies, and investment decisions. Regulatory Compliance Climate risk experts stay updated on relevant climate related regulations, reporting frameworks, and disclosure requirements. They ensure that organizations are compliant with such regulations and assist in preparing reports and disclosures related to climate risks. Stakeholder Engagement They engage with internal and external stakeholders, including executives, investors, regulators, and community members, to raise awareness about climate risks and opportunities. They provide guidance and education on climate-related issues and collaborate with stakeholders to develop strategies that align with climate goals and sustainability objectives. Research Analysis Climate risk experts stay abreast of the latest scientific research, industry trends, and policy developments related to climate change. They conduct thorough analysis and research to inform decision-making processes, identify emerging risks, and explore innovative solutions. Collaborations and Partnerships Given the complex nature of climate change, collaboration is essential. Climate risk experts often collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including environmental scientists, engineers, economists, and legal experts. They also establish partnerships with external organizations, research institutions, and industry networks to exchange knowledge and best practices.​ Overall, the role of a climate risk expert is to help organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance resilience, and contribute to a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

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Extensive experience in placing Sustainability candidates responsible for overseeing and coordinating sustainability efforts within an organization - success in Financial Services, Energy, Telecoms, Analytics and IT Consulting. From conducting assessments to identify environmental and social impacts, developing sustainability goals and targets, to creating action plans to achieve them. Our network of Sustainability experts have collaborated with various departments to integrate sustainability practices into business operations, such as energy and resource management, waste reduction, carbon footprint reduction, and sustainable supply chain management.

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Nader Beshara

Sustainability and ESG

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Associate Director

Climate Risk

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Operations Manager

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